What Medicines Can Help When One Is Suffering From Viral Fever?

Viral fever is something that happens because of a viral illness that is underlying. There are varieties of viral infections that can attack the human body and the most common one is the seasonal cold, or the flu. Fever means, the body is fighting off some kind of viral or bacterial infection.

What causes viral fever?

It happens because of being infected with a virus. Viruses are very small but very infectious agents as they can infect the cells and start multiplying within it. Fever occurs to fight off the virus and there are many viruses that are sensitive to change because of temperature. So, if there is sudden rise of body temperature – it makes the body less hostile to the virus. One can use best homeopathic medicine for viral fever as they are very effective to bring the temperature down and kill the infection.

How one becomes infected:

  • Due to inhalation of virus. One can get affected from coughing, sneezing, or if they have inhaled droplets from a person who is already infected.
  • Because of ingestion as food, and drinks can get contaminated with the virus.
  • From insect bites that are carrying viruses. They may have bite an infected person and then if they bite another person then it can inject the virus that way.
  • Exchanging body fluids with some who already has viral infection.

Symptoms to look for:

Viral fevers can bring a range in body temperature and it can go up till 103 F, depending on what virus has attacked the body. Here are some major symptoms:

  • Sweating
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Dehydration
  • A feeling of weakness
  • Muscles ache and pain
  • Loss of appetite 

Things to follow:

Here are some major things to keep in mind when one is having viral fever.

  • One should keep themselves hydrated.
  • They must not eat or drink outside.
  • Drinking liquids from time to time is a must and one must eat food that has Vitamin C in it.
  • Have liquid diet, and keep loads of fruits in it.
  • Also, one needs adequate rest.

Homeopathic Treatment of viral fevers 

When it comes to homeopathy – it has a very good scope of treating different kind of fevers. This treatment procedure takes the overall picture of one’s body, the temperature, and the disease one is suffering from. They also take into account the physical and mental condition of the patient to treat them individually. One can go for remedies like Arsenicum. Belladonna, Bryonia, Eupatorim, Gelsemium, and more to cure viral fever, cough. It also helps to remove the tiredness from the body post-fever. Many people also take homeopathy seriously as it is the safest choice to treat viral fevers, especially in case o children. Even in the era of modern medicine, they work very effectively. Also, most of the medicines in homeopathy have sweet pills and kids happily consume them.

Homeopathic Medicine for fever in Summer

Fever is something that happens mostly during summers and humid seasons. People living in India need to survive most of the year through humid months and hence, viral fever, malaria, flu, and other fevers are quite common here throughout the year. The most common symptoms people suffer from are body ache, cough, and cold. Homeopathy medicines are not only effective but they hardly have any side effects.

Here are some major medicines that are used:


This is a medicine for fever that also deals with anxiety and restlessness. Here, if the patient is seen with increased thirst of cold water and suffering from body aches – then this medicine can work well. It can control the body temperature and cure it from the exposure to cold winds.

Bryonia Alba

Are you suffering from high body temperature and body aches? Then this medicine is perfect for you. There are some fevers that drains all the energy out of the body and one feels like lying down all the time. Any sort of movement can cause them body pain and this medicine can bring the pain down by combatting the virus inside.

Nux Vomica

This is a homeopathic cure for those who are suffering from high fever and chilling issues. Nux Vomica is a medicine made from natural substances and it can bring down the chilliness of the body.


It is a natural homeopathy remedy that is very beneficial for someone who is suffering from fever, weakness, dizziness, and sometimes a tendency to faint. One can have this medicine to feel better in 5-7 days.

Rhus Tox

This homeopathy remedy is considered to be the primary choice when one us suffering from fever, along with body ache and restlessness. Most of the time this fever happens because one has got drenched in rain. This medicine is highly effective for that.

Fever medicine homeopathy for flu or influenzas can also work very well. Influenza is also a viral infection that occurs with symptoms like sudden fever, pain and burning sensation in the eyes, body aches, headaches and more. One can use Aconite if one is suffering from influenza. But if one has immediate fever and nasal discharges then it is needed to prescribe the patient with Eupatorium Perfoliatum. This can help to reduce the body pain. One can also prescribe Gelsemium because this is the best cure when one is suffering from sneezing and runny nose along with headache. All of these remedies come without any side effects.

Malaria fever is quite common during monsoons. Here, the fever is accompanied by extreme chills and too much sweating. One can prescribe Nix Vomica, Arsenic Album, or Gelsemium in these cases. Arsenic Album is best for people who feel very exhausted because of the fever. Malaria can make one feel very exhausted and they need to drink water at short intervals. 

One must always keep in mind that they should consult a homeopathic practitioner before they decide on taking any medicine. Though homeopathy medicines do not have any side effects – the route to recovery might get delayed if one is having the wrong medicine. It is better to take what the doctor has prescribed.

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