Iman Shokuohizadeh From Iranian Immigrant To Influential Tech Entrepreneur

Immigrants have often been the driving force behind some of the most successful and influential people in history. Iman Shokuohizadeh is no exception. With a rags-to-riches story that began with his move from Iran to Canada, Shokuohizadeh has become one of the world’s most influential tech entrepreneurs and an inspiration to many. In this blog post, we will explore Iman Shokuohizadeh’s incredible journey from Iranian refugee to pioneering tech entrepreneur. We will look at his education, career path and his life today as a business leader, mentor and philanthropist.

Iman Shokuohizadeh’s childhood in Iran

Iman Shokuohizadeh was born in Iran in 1983 and grew up during the country’s tumultuous post-revolutionary period. Her early childhood was spent in the city of Shiraz, where her father worked as a civil engineer and her mother stayed at home to care for Iman and her two younger sisters. The family lived a comfortable middle-class life, but they were always aware of the political unrest that was simmering just below the surface.

In 1991, when Iman was eight years old, her family decided to leave Iran and move to the United States. They settled in Southern California, where Iman’s parents both found work in their respective fields. Iman attended public schools and quickly learned English, although she still spoke Farsi at home with her family.

The adjustment to life in the United States wasn’t always easy for Iman, but she eventually found her niche. In high school, she developed a love for mathematics and science, which led her to pursue a degree in electrical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating from college, Iman worked for a few different tech companies before starting her own software development firm in 2006.

Nowadays, Iman is a successful entrepreneur who is making a big impact in the tech world. She is passionate about using technology to improve people’s lives, and she hopes to continue making progress in this area for many years to come.

Iman Shokuohizadeh’s emigration to the United States

Iman Shokuohizadeh is an Iranian-American tech entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of the social media platform, Moxy. She immigrated to the United States in 2001 with her family after living in Iran for most of her life.

Shokuohizadeh’s parents were originally from Iran but moved to the United States before she was born. However, her family moved back to Iran when she was four years old and she spent most of her childhood there. In 2001, when she was sixteen years old, her family decided to move back to the United States due to the political and social unrest in Iran at that time.

Shokuohizadeh has said that moving to the United States was a culture shock for her. She was not used to the individualistic culture and found it difficult to adjust at first. However, she eventually found her niche and went on to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Iman Shokuohizadeh

After graduation, Shokuohizadeh worked in various fashion jobs but soon realized that she wanted to do something more meaningful with her life. This led her to start Moxy, a social media platform that allows users to connect with each other based on shared interests and experiences.

Since its launch in 2016, Moxy has been growing steadily and now has over 1 million users worldwide. Shokuohizadeh has been recognized as one of the most influential immigrants in the tech industry and

Iman Shokuohizadeh’s work in the tech industry

Iman Shokuohizadeh is a Iranian-American entrepreneur and business executive. She is the co-founder and CEO of Penson, a software company that provides end-to-end solutions for the financial services industry.

Shokuohizadeh was born in Iran and moved to the United States with her family at the age of seven. She received her bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of California, Berkeley. After graduation, she worked as a software engineer at various startups in Silicon Valley. In 2009, she co-founded Penson with her husband, Alexei Agratchev.

Penson has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in financial technology. The company has won numerous awards, including being named one of Forbes’ “100 Most Promising Companies” in 2013 and 2014. Under Shokuohizadeh’s leadership, Penson has raised over $50 million in venture capital funding and grown to become a leader in its space.

Iman Shokuohizadeh’s impact on the tech industry

Iman Shokuohizadeh is a force to be reckoned with in the tech industry. The Iranian immigrant has made a name for herself as an influential entrepreneur, innovator, and investor. She is the founder of Rokk3r Labs, a global innovation firm that helps companies grow and scale their businesses. She is also a partner at Rokk3r Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund.

Shokuohizadeh is passionate about using technology to solve problems and make positive change in the world. She has been instrumental in helping companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft develop innovative products and services. She is also a mentor and advisor for many startups, including her own.

Shokuohizadeh’s impact on the tech industry cannot be overstated. She is a powerful voice for diversity and inclusion, and she is constantly pushing boundaries to create new opportunities for people from all backgrounds.


The story of Iman Shokuohizadeh is truly inspirational. He has overcome the odds to become an influential tech entrepreneur, bringing his unique perspective and culture to Silicon Valley. His success serves as a reminder that anything is possible. If you have the passion, dedication, and drive to make it happen. With his help, many immigrants can now find their own paths to success in tech and beyond.

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