How to Write a Compelling Law Essay That Grabs Attention?

Law Essay

Are you a law student and going to write a persuasive, well-structured, and articulated law essay? But seeking inspiration to get started effectively. If so, then this piece of writing is especially for you.

When writing your essay, you should know where to start and how to summarise it, but that seems difficult for students. In that case, they should look for law essay writing help for better grades. A well-designed writing structure helps the students and gives them the right direction.

What is a Law Essay?

According to “Crimes Against Humanity: The Struggle for Global Justice”, written by Geoffrey Robertson and Kenneth Roth, published in 2006,

Law is a series of rules and regulations made by social or government institutions for related behaviours that accurately define a matter of continued debate.

Parliament of New South Wales (NSW) states that it is made by public service, public opinions, individuals, new social issues, advisors, media, interest groups, party policies and agreements with other governments.

Compelling Law Essay

A law essay is a collection of paragraphs without headings about a specific concept, legal issue and or on a case. This legal essay type is written after deep analyses of subject matters.

This is the best way to assess students’ ability to represent and support an argument—an essay law based on legal theory within a broad spectrum of research about the topic. Your essay should be according to your institute’s instructions and requirements. Following those guidelines is mandatory for you to get exceptional grades.

Law Essay Structure

Designing your essay with a well-crafted structure is quite difficult in an orderly way. But it is important for getting high marks. The standard structure of your essay should contain three parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Main text body
  3. Conclusion

Compelling Law Essay

1. Introduction

Your introduction is the first section that will be helpful in grabbing your reader’s attention. You start your introductory paragraph by introducing an argument. In this section, you can explain the importance of your subject matter or the topic you selected. The introduction should be like that will lead the main body of your essay.

While writing the introduction, it would be best to add a thesis statement. The placement of the thesis statement varies according to the plan of your essay. However, some of the writers write it at the beginning of the introduction to build an argument. On the other hand, some authors prefer to write it just before the beginning of the main body to make it relevant.

2. Main Body

Your essay’s main body can contain a set of paragraphs, as three or more than three, just to support your arguments. In these paragraphs, you can explain supporting evidence and your analysis. You have to write all your paragraphs logically and should be coherent to create a clear relevancy.

3. Conclusion:

You can summarise your essay with a concluding statement supporting the research question you mentioned in your introduction at the start. In that section, you can represent the significance of arguments and their supportive evidence. Also, avoid introducing something new in the concluding paragraph.

5 Tips to Write a Compelling Law Essay?

Creating a compelling law essay is tricky but can easily done by following some steps and tips that we will discuss below:

1. Understand Your Essay Requirements

The first thing that will make your essay stand out is to completely understand the requirements of your university. Make sure to comprehend all the guidelines before starting to write your essay.

These include the topic, formatting standards, and any particular instructions about main body content, reference style, text font size, style, etc.

2. Research Deeply

If you want to write an excellent essay, complete your research on your given topic. So, conducting extensive research is essential to designing your essay with the best possible information.

For this purpose, you can use primary and secondary sources for giving compelling supportive arguments, including:

  • Case law
  • Legal journals
  • Academic articles

3. Plan Your Essay

After extensive research, the next thing is to plan your essay, which includes an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a concluding statement. So, you have to create a map in your mind that

  • How to start a law essay?
  • What points will you discuss in your whole law essay?
  • How to sum up your arguments

Make sure to organise your points logically within the main body paragraphs, with each paragraph according to specific arguments and supportive evidence.

4. Outline Your Essay

After researching and planning your essay, create an outline according to your research. Make sure to arrange your information in a concise but in-order form.

In this section, you can start with:

  • Introduction while explaining the importance of your topic
  • Followed by the main body of your content, and at the end
  • Finalise your essay with a clear conclusion

Ensure a perfect outline without any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. After that, repeat your outline if you find something missing; the next step is re-drafting your essay outline.

The University of Adelaide explains the re-drafting essay process as you can do it by looking at the following:

  • Essay content
  • Organisation and structure
  • Styles of language you used
  • Purpose of Essay

Compelling Law Essay

5. Add References

Adding references makes your work more authentic; that’s why it’s crucial to correctly cite your sources from where you picked any idea to write your essay. You must use the appropriate citation style, which is given by your university institutions, such as:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago

Include a bibliography or reference list at the end of your essay to prove the supportive evidence that you discussed in your whole essay.

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Crafting a professional law essay requires a proper understanding of your institute’s guidelines, careful planning, creating an effective outline and attention to detail.

Therefore, throughout this article, we have mentioned the standard structure of the essay and practical tips. Students can easily create a compelling law essay by following all our tips mentioned above. However, if you are still unable to write your essay, you can seek law essay writing help from professionals.

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