Best Packing Tips to Follow While Moving from India to Malaysia

Moving from India to Malaysia is quite a daunting task for you. To get the successful transition of your goods to your international destination, you need to manage each stage of your international move. However, packing your household goods remains one of the toughest jobs in an international relocation. The reason behind this is that you need to pack your goods in a much more careful manner during an international relocation.

Unlike domestic relocation, you need to take extreme care of your articles during the packing process. However, most people are ignorant about the right packing strategies due to which they fail in packing their goods perfectly. Consequently, their goods get damaged during international relocation. So, you should always pack your home articles properly while moving to an international relocation. Here are a few important tips that will help you greatly in packing articles of all sizes and shapes during an international move:-

Make Your Consignment Lighter

So, why do you need to move a light consignment while moving from India to Malaysia? Well, because the heavier the consignment is, the higher prices will be charged by your packers and movers. So, it is important to pack only the important items during your relocation.

Many people pack every article they come across during the packing process. However, this is not the right way to pack your goods as this will make your international relocation costly. Another benefit of making a lighter consignment is that you can easily move them to your desired international destination. Thus, make sure to spare some time to check whether your consignment is lighter or not. If it is not, you should make sincere efforts to make it light.


De-cluttering is a great way to make your consignment lighter. You just need to go through the goods of your house and choose the ones that you don’t want to use in your new home. If you devote enough time, you will surely find most of your household items that are no longer in use. You will find several items in your home that you have been accumulating for a long time during the de-cluttering process. However, now it’s time to get rid of your unused house belongings.

Create a Checklist

If you create a checklist, you can easily manage your packing process with its help. After going through this checklist, you will get to know about the items that you need to pack for your new home. So, it prevents you from packing unused items in your house while moving internationally. However, you must create a checklist of all the items that you have in your house. Once you have a readymade list of all the belongings, you can easily choose the ones that are unused by you.

Start Your Packing Process Early

Starting your packing process, however, is the key to a successful international relocation. Well, packing is a time-consuming process. And it becomes much more complex when you are moving internationally. So, you need to give sufficient time to this process as there are a plethora of tasks to do during this process.

Some people procrastinate on packing and start this process at the eleventh hour. However, this is a mistake on their part as they face a lot of troubles during their relocation. Sometimes, they forget to pack their precious articles and regret it later. Also, if they go for the last-minute packing, some of their household items might get damaged. So, it is best to pack your house items as early as possible.

Pack Important Documents Separately

You must not forget to pack your important documents while moving from India to Malaysia. However, the best way to pack them is to choose a separate box and keep all these documents in it. Make sure to carry each document with you which you will need in your new house. A few documents that you are required to pack for your international relocation include your immunization records, visas, passports, certificates, etc. Remember, these documents are important for you to carry during your foreign relocation. So, you should pack them perfectly before your move.

Use Original Boxes for Your Electronics Goods

Using original boxes to pack your electronic goods will be extremely helpful for you. These boxes are specially designed to keep these items. You can easily find these items in the storerooms of your house. However, in case you don’t find these belongings in your house, the best would be to contact your friends and neighbors for this purpose. One of your friends might possess these original boxes in his home. So, you can contact him and get them for your electronic goods.

Pack Fragile Articles in Clothes

Protecting fragile articles is a challenge during your international relocation. They can’t withstand a simple jerk and get damaged easily. So, the best way to pack them is by using some old clothes, or pillowcases. They can be easily used in place of newspaper and bubble wrap. This will protect these articles from any jerk or collision when moving them to a faraway location.

Label the Boxes

Labeling all your boxes will also help you in moving your household articles to your new home. So, make sure to label each box while packing it. If you can’t label every single box, just label the boxes that contain your fragile items. This will help your movers identify them and protect them during the space.

Fill the Empty Spaces

Another tip you should follow while packing your items is to fill the spaces between your items. This will save them from being damaged. You can use the best cushioning materials to fill these spaces.

Get to Know About Custom Rules

You must know about the different customs rules while moving from India to Malaysia. According to these rules, you can’t take some items with you. Also, you can’t overpack your bags. So, make sure to organize your packing process before moving to your destination and only carry the things that are allowed.

Over to You

The above-mentioned packing tips will be much more useful for you while moving from India to Malaysia. These tips will help you move your household articles safely to your desired location.


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