10 Best Ronnie James Dio Songs of All Time

Ronnie James Dio was a legend with many iconic songs under his belt. His best songs showcased his immense talent. The opening track to his 1980 Black Sabbath album, Egypt (The Chains Are On) is one such song.

It tells a story of an imaginative world. With Ritchie Blackmore’s tasty guitar riffs and Ronnie’s godly voice, the song never gets old.

1. We Rock

This anthem is a testament to Dio’s enduring popularity. A celebration of stompy rock and roll, the track has become a fixture in any self-respecting metal bar across the globe.

Easily one of the most popular songs in metal, this slow thundering riff-laden rocker tells you to follow your dreams – because dreamers never die. It’s a surprisingly accessible song that shows the power and range of Dio’s voice. An underrated banger from the band’s second album.

2. Egypt (The Chains Are On)

A fast-paced rock anthem that’s one of Dio’s best. He brings a sense of vocal theatre to this song and shows why so many of his songs resonate with fans to this day.

A big heavy song with a memorable riff. This track is criminally overlooked and it’s a perfect showcase of the power of Dio. The music and lyrics are powerful and poignant, a must-listen. Originally written for the never-to-be second Hear n Aid album, this song is about fighting despair and taking control of your own destiny. You can get all the collections for free on Mp3 Juice without any pop-up ads.

3. Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart is one of the most popular Dio songs ever. It’s a perfect example of the medieval-themed, neoclassical Heavy Metal that made him so iconic. It has a slow thundering riff that makes it memorable, and the lyrics tell people to follow their dreams.

It’s also the song that got more people to listen to Dio when he started his solo career. It’s an incredible track that should have a place in every music lover’s collection.

4. Rainbow In The Dark

The heaviest song Dio ever wrote, and maybe the heaviest of all metal songs. A storming statement of intent, backed by some of the most addictive riffs in all of metal.

It’s a career highlight for Ronnie James Dio and remains one of the most iconic tracks in all of rock. It transcends genres and musical eras, inspiring countless bands to push the boundaries of what’s possible. The mighty drumming of Vinny Appice is the perfect complement to this epic anthem.

5. The Last In Line

The Last in Line is one of Dio’s most popular songs. It is a powerful anthem of finding faith in your life. Its mystical lyrics will capture your imagination. It is a testament to the power of music and how it can touch people in ways nothing else can.

It has been a long time since Black Sabbath released this song, but it still remains an iconic piece of rock music. The song showcases the talent of both Dio and guitarist Tony Iommi. Their voices blend in a perfect gestalt. Its unforgettable riffs and melody will stay with you for life.

6. Hell Is For Heroes

Ronnie James Easily one of the most popular Dio songs ever, this is an anthem for anyone seeking connection in the crowded metropolis. With a powerful instrumental and Dio’s recognizable voice, the song resonates with many and explores spiritual themes that are timeless.

A banger from the criminally underrated Strange Highways album, this riff-heavy tune showcases the band at their most muscular. The perfect combination of sonic power and Dio’s titanic voice, it deserves a wider audience.

7. Heaven And Hell

While Blackmore’s tasty riffs and Dio’s godly singing gave this song its popularity, the lyrics speak of humanity’s timeless pitfalls. In this case, hubris, hypocrisy, and despair.

Sacred Heart is a racing anthem, not a religious hymn, and it’s a testament to how good Dio was at writing almost mythical lyrics with a strong message and bringing them to life.

The perfect gestalt of drums, keyboards and exceptional guitar, this is one of the best metal songs of all time. A hammer blow of an impact with a mighty chorus.

8. Don’t Talk To Strangers

A haunting song about love lost. It’s a powerful track that’s a highlight of Dio’s discography.

Themes of aliens meddling with ancient human history have been a trend since Stargate came out, but this song was written before that and features Dio’s instantly recognisable voice singing about the subject.

It’s an epic track with big thick riffs and Dio bringing the lyrics to life with a voice that’s unrivalled in Heavy Metal. Dreamers never die! This is a true classic. It deserves a higher ranking.

9. Hey Angel

From the second album by The Last In Line, this underrated banger has been overlooked for a long time. It showcases Dio’s talent to infuse mythic lyrics with a pointed message and bring them to life.

It explores the desire for self-improvement and the admiration of a higher power. It’s a thought-provoking track and a lyrical career highlight for Dio. Its memorable guitar riff and emotional vocals make it a classic in the band’s discography and a metal anthem. It is also a live favourite. Rock on!

10. We’re Not Gonna Take It

It’s been eleven years since Ronnie James Dio passed away, but his contributions to rock and metal still live on. He had an incredible voice and he was also a phenomenal musician. His music was inspiring and he is widely considered one of the best metal vocalists ever.

With a powerful riff and an epic chorus, this is one of Dio’s most popular songs. It also shows off the power and sensitivity in his vocals. It’s a must listen!

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